At the Academy of Ballet Arts, we feel very privileged to work with your children and pass on to them the beauty and art of ballet.

We provide the highest caliber training from the beginning student to the professional, while developing confidence and self esteem in a caring, supportive environment.

We believe in teaching our students that with passion, discipline, and self-motivation they will be able to be successful in any career they choose to pursue.

We believe that training the mind is essential to effective training of the body.

We believe that experiencing the performing arts is a vital element in thedevelopment and education of our children.

We extend a heartfelt welcome to you and your family!

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Autumn in Paris

Saturday, October 28th @ 6pm
The Corporate Room

We are proud to announce that Academy of Ballet Arts has been selected as one of the beneficiaries of the well renowned VeriDivas Annual Fundraiser, "Paris in Autumn"! 

"Paris in Autumn - An Evening of Music and Giving" is an amazing event hosted by VeriDiva to help raise funds to benefit local, worth causes. There will be a four course french dinner, music by Jason Weber, and of course dance by some highly trained ABA Dancers!

Purchase your tickets for an evening of culture, food, fun, dance, and to support the Academy of Ballet Arts. 

Purchase Tickets!

As a nonprofit organization we are truly thankful to the VeriDiva Women's Page for selecting Academy of Ballet Arts and for supporting our youth & the arts in our community!

Free Class!

Dancer: Mia Benitez | Photographer: Arhscana Images

Have you always been interested in learning to dance? Are you an experienced dancer looking for world class training? We invite you to come in and take any class of your choice, for free

We want to expose as many people as possible to the wonderful world of dance. And we also want to demonstrate our world class training to experienced dancers looking to greatly improve their dance skills.

This special is good for all styles of dance offered at ABA including:

  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary

Just let us know which class you are interested in and we will add you to the list. Then come in ready to dance (and a bottle of water) and we'll show you why Academy of Ballet Arts is quickly becoming a household name in the world of dance!

Call:(951) 216-1853

* New students may need to take a trial class for level evaluation if they have not already done so, please contact us for more information.


26305 Jefferson Ave. #M
Murrieta, CA 92562