We scoured the Internet to find the best costumes of 2015. Spanning between frightful, funny and incredibly creative, there were a lot of great costumes out there. #halloween2015 was a blast!


Snake Boy

Probably the most visually stunning and the crowning jewel of this holiday season is this home made snake costume that will haunt my nightmares for weeks and months to come.


Best Kid's Costume

Rocket (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Best kids costume goes to this elementary school kid cosplaying Rocket Racoon. Nailed it. This is a far cry from mom's special costumes circa 1980s.

Best Scene

Terminator 2

Best scene goes to these folks reenacting a classic shot from Terminator 2. "He's fine dear, Wolfie's just fine"

Best Celebrity

Duane Johnson as Popeye

Best celebrity dress up goes to Duane Johnson aka 'The Rock'. Kid found his spinach for sure. "Ugugugugugugugugug".

Best Cosplay

Abraham from The Walking Dead

Sure we may be biased on this one, but one of !shouttag's Founders, !RussPurcell went as Abraham from the Walking Dead.

Best 80s Throwback


Here we find Pac Man doing the walka walka walka shame the first thing on the morning after a late night out.

Best Mash-up - Male

Lil Jon Snow

Best Mash-up - Female

Edgar Allen Hoe

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