The Reality Rally Scavenger Hunt was a great way to raise money and awareness for a local, deserving charity; Michelle's Place Breast Resource Center

But it couldn't happen with our #awesome sponsors, please show them some love by using their services and sharing with your friends!

Cheryl Zenski

Envoy Mortgage Services

When we asked Cheryl Zenski of Envoy Mortgage if she would be interested in helping us help Michelle's Place, she jumped at the opportunity and went big! A Brand new Samsung 50" HDTV big to be exact. 

Many thanks to Cheryl for donating such an awesome prize to the first ever Reality Rally Scavenger Hunt!

The task was fun, and we had a winner within 5 minutes of sending the Tracker Notifications. There was even a twist that tugs at the heart.

The winner of the TV and his son were playing in the Scavenger Hunt since the morning, even though the poor kid was wearing a cast due to a broken thumb :(

They missed winning previous rounds by only seconds, so they were definitely due for a win.

We saw a women running up to the booth, but she turned around and noticed the man and his son following her, she then noticed the boy's cast. Out of nowhere she stopped running and stepped aside to allow the man and his son to win the the TV! How's that for generosity?

The man and his son were over the moon excited! And we were too. We asked the lady why she stopped and she said she felt bad for the boy. And to her we say thank you for being an awesome human being.

Here's the task we sent out:

"Howdy y'all! Welcome to the fun. Gather 'round, I'll show ya how it's done.
If you're wantin a new fancy TV, Better hurry and come find me near Stampede!
Take a selfie with the prettiest gal in town, I wear me a pink cowboy hat, not a crown!!
Then giddyup back to the Shouttag stable, and show us the selfie when yer ready and able"
Winning photo!

If you are looking for a trusted professional who can help you attain home ownership, be sure to check out Cheryl Zenski!!

Cheryl Zenski

Double Take Travel

Sallie (with an IE) from Double Take Travel was eager to help Michelle's Place by sponsoring the Reality Rally Scavenger Hunt, so much so that she donated an Apple iWatch 2 to the scavenger hunt!

Here was the task...

Hickory hickory dock
You should book it to the Crush and Brew's clock! 

This clue sounds so easy, but here's the thing
Only one time will do, when twelve bells ring.

If a new Apple watch is what you desire,
Your selfie with the clock is what is required.

Return to the shouttag booth, you must be fast!
For if you're not first then you're probably last!!

The scavengers had a blast running completing this task, but there could only be one winner! Congrats on solving the riddle and winning such an epic prize!

Thank you Sallie for your generous donation and helping to raise money and awareness for Michelle's place! If you are looking for a seasoned travel pro to book your next vacation, you owe it to yourself and your bank account to check out Double Take Travel!

Double Take Travel

Lake Hemet

The folks over at Lake Hemet were more than excited to help raise money and awareness for Michelle's Place, and their prize proves it!

Lake Hemet donated a prize package worth more than $10,000!! And included:

Family Outdoor Adventure Package 

  • 2 Night Lakeview Cabin Stay
  • 4 Kayak Rentals
  • 5 person Full Season Waterpark access
  • 4 Full Year Day Use Passes

Like the other rounds, this was overly awesome, here was the task...

Find a landmark nearby that crosses water but doesn't gets wet,
There you’ll find a fisherman from Lake Hemet set

In order to get the Lake Hemet prize,
you'll have to don your best fish guise

With your best gills and your cheeks puffed out,
Take a video swimming around the fisherman around like a trout

Next head to the !Shouttag booth on the quickest route,
And be first to show us the video so that we have no doubt that you are the best fish in town!

The lady who won was so excited to find the fisherman she lost her shoe running up to them! Her and her daughter did like the task asked, they made gills, puffed out their cheeks and swam around the fisherman!

Being the first to complete the task, she and her family were promptly awarded the prize package. Upon receiving the prize she said it was perfect for them as they are very outdoorsy and can enjoy Lake Hemet as a family all year long!

Many thanks to Lake Hemet for donating such an awesome prize!

If you are looking for some fun on a beautiful lake in your own backyard, check out Lake Hemet, they have a ton of family activities and attractions including:

  • New Rustic Cabins
  • Splashing Eagle Waterpark
  • Boat Rentals
  • Fishing at the Lake
  • Soaring Pines Café
  • Year round Access
  • Wildflower Weddings

Lake Hemet

Broken Yolk Cafe Temecula

Serving amazing breakfast and lunch isn't the only thing that the staff at Broken Yolk Cafe in Temecula does well, they also like to help local charities, like Michelle's Place!

BYCT has generously donated an amazing prize to our Scavenger Hunt, drum roll please, they gave away a free weekly meal for a year

That means you can walk in anytime and order the famous "Mom" omelette, or a stack of their mouth watering pancakes, or any of their delicious lunch options, free, for year (over $1,000 value)!!!

BYCT Scavenger Hunt round was probably the most difficult of them all, check out this task...

Free Broken Yolk every week for a year??
Yes its possible, don't you fear!

Scavange ingredients that go together,
To make a good omelette even better

Not one, not two, but three different ingredients is what you need...

The first ingredient is red and rather round,
they are found in ketchup by the pound

The next ingredient may be a little shy,
but even if it doesn't party, it is a fungi

Finally you'll need something oval with a yolk
Don't crack it in your hand or you'll get soaked 

Now back to the shouttag booth, don't wear a frown,
Show us your talent act, and juggle like a clown!!

Not only did the winner find all of the ingredients, but he was an awesome juggler to boot! Check out this video:

Congrats! And enjoy your free meal-a-week for a year at BYCT!! And special thanks to BYCT for donating an epic prize to help raise money and awareness for Michelle's Place!

If you haven't been to BYCT you owe it to yourself to head in and see why it's everyone's favorite breakfast and lunch spot!

Broken Yolk Cafe Temecula

It's a Grind Murrieta

The awesome folks over at It's a Grind Murrieta loved the idea of being able to help raise money and awareness for Michelle's Place so much they donated an EPIC prize... A free weekly beverage for a year!

That's right, if you are the lucky winner for their round of the Scavenger Hunt, you will win a punch card which allows you a free, weekly beverage of your choice for an entire year!

It's a Grind Murrieta is located across the street from the Sam's Club in Murrieta and offers a relaxed, come as-you-are environment where you can enjoy their premium coffees and speciality drinks.

Head over the next time you want some great coffee, host an impromptu meeting, or deep dive in your latest book!

It's a Grind Murrieta