Why do people come from all over the world to Reality Rally? Because Reality Rally is the largest gathering of Reality TV Celebrities in the Country! People who love watching shows like Survivor, The Bachelor, Big Brother, Hell's Kitchen, and more, can meet their favorite Celebrities in person!

Here is one fan’s story, and how the intimate access to Reality TV Celebrities at Reality Rally had a positive impact on her life. 

Meet Jackie...

Jackie (right) with Gillian Larson, Founder and Creator of Reality Rally!

I love meeting Reality Stars!!  It all started when I watched the Real World on MTV many many years ago and then Survivor, Big Brother, and Fear Factor.  I am an only child and spent most of my younger years in front of the TV.  When I was asked by Gillian to write a blog about my experience with Reality Stars, I didn’t think that I would have much to say, but Reality stars have actually changed my life.

I am clinically depressed and have severe Anxiety when it comes to Social situations.  I rarely feel comfortable going to parties or like to go to places where there are a lot of people, but I feel comfortable with Reality folk and Reality fans.  It is a special click that we all have.  I have made some of my best friends from attending Reality Events.  I even consider many Reality Stars as friends!!

My main job is a Unit Clerk at a hospital.  I work 12-hour shifts and help answer phones, answer call lights, transcribe Doctor’s orders, and basically keep my Unit in control.  It is a very stressful and busy job, but luckily on my days off, I try my best to attend Reality Events and faithfully watch Survivor, Big Brother, The Voice, America’s Got Talent,  & many others.

Jackie with her Mom

My Mom was a big Reality fan too. We enjoyed watching Big Brother and Survivor together. She passed away on Christmas Day, 2006. She passed away from Liver Cancer and I know that she would have loved Michelle’s Place and all that they do for Cancer Support and Education.

She is the main reason that this last Season of Survivor meant so much to me. After the finale, I was able to meet winner Adam, and one of the first things that I asked of him was for him to PLEASE attend Reality Rally.  

Jackie with Adam Klein, Winner of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen-X!!

Knowing what he went through with the passing of his Mom, I knew that he too would love helping Michelle’s Place and with being involved with everything that is Reality Rally!!!  I was so happy to hear that he already knew all about the Reality Rally and WAS planning on attending!!  

At that exact moment, I knew that I had to donate to help him get there.  I can’t wait to see him and the others at the Casino Night Celebration.  It is so nice to look forward to this event every year & know that all the money is going to a great cause!!  See you all in April!

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