ROARRR! is a very powerful, natural testosterone booster and a core supplement of the DDMM Nutrition Stack, a new line of supercharged supplements which contain no proprietary blends, no secrets, and no BS. Just the highest quality ingredients in the right amounts!

As men get older, the body naturally slows down its production of testosterone, that all-important hormone that helps build lean muscle, maintain energy levels, improve focus, and reduce recovery time.

What is your definition of “Quality of Life”? To get in (or stay in) shape, spend more time with friends & family on weekend adventures, take your dogs to the park more often, or just be more energetic overall? However you define "Quality of Life", it all starts from within.

BEWARE of "magic" pills that promise unrealistic benefits with little work, they DON'T exist.  However, if you take ROARRR! in the right dosages and at the suggested intervals, along with maintaining a relatively healthy diet, and at least two days of exercise a week, you will see realistic benefits including: 

  • Addition of lean, hard muscle
  • Lost weight
  • Boost in Free Test Levels
  • More energy
  • Increase in vitality

Higher levels of testosterone equal elevated energy levels and performance potential. It even helps you recover faster, and turns your body into an efficient, healthy muscle-building machine, maximizing protein synthesis and nutrient uptake throughout the day.

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You can also purchase roar in Beast and Monster stacks, giving you a full 90 day cycle!

DDMM Nutrition products were designed from the ground up to enhance your Quality of Life. Each product that we produce follows strict guidelines for purity, effectiveness, and transparency. We want you to know what you are taking and why. You should always ask yourself, “How will this product help me achieve my goals?”

Add ROARRR! to your daily regiment, and see how it can help enhance your Quality of Life.

Meet the Founder

Introducing Dave Daley the founder and CEO of DDMM Nutrition! Dave is also known as the "Monster Motivator" for his positive attitude and motivational speaking engagements nationwide.

Dave has been a life long fitness enthusiast, he owned and operated his own nutrition and supplement store. Click the video below and see why Dave created ROARRR! as a all natural replacement for all the synthetic and artificial supplements on the market.


As a dietary supplement take ROARRR! as follows:

  • Take with food
  • 2x capsules in the morning
  • 2x capsules in the early afternoon (training days only)
  • 90 days
  • 30 days off
  • Repeat


Our commitment to you, to provide transparency and only use the purest ingredients on the planet, in the right amounts. No proprietary blends, no secrets, and no BS!


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