Every day businesses struggle with the same problem, getting customer attention.

Forget about Wordpress, Drupal, bit.ly, Square Space, Wix, Mail Chimp, and Facebook Pages... Introducing !shouttag

!shouttag is literally the fastest way to establish a dominant, online presence. Within seconds of your !shouttag approval you can create and launch your own !shouttag with dynamic content including text, images, videos, and maps.

!shouttags generate awesome SEO with several !shouttags ranking page one, top five on Google search results. 

The !shouttag Tracker system allows you to quickly and easily send email notifications about upcoming sales and events (no more hassling with complex email template builders like Mail Chimp).

!shouttag also allows you to send text notifications to your customers, creating a direct connection that will increase conversions.

And !shouttag can import your current email newsletter subscribers so you will have an immediate and targeted audience for email and text notifications. !shouttag can be your "opt-in" solution.

!shouttag also provides a social media link generator that quickly and easily creates engaging social media links that can be used on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

!shouttag isn't just a powerful online advertising tool, it also allows you to effectively engage customers in the real world. You can print your !YourShouttag on pretty much anything, including business cards, billboards, banners, flyers, direct mailers, stickers, hats, shirts, and more. 

When a customer sees ! + YourShouttag they will know you have a message you want to share with them. All they do is enter !YourShouttag through the free shouttag app or at shouttag.com and they will see your message. It's that simple.

And if you don't have time to manage your own !YourShouttag or social media, !shouttag Customer Engagement Services will do it for you. !shouttag CES will establish and maintain your social media presence, so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Create your free account, and register your two free !shouttags today. See for yourself how easy it is to establish a dominant online presence and get customer attention. 

!shouttag vs #hashtag

#hashtags are great for engaging with users in realtime, but they do fall short when attempting to create conversions...

  • Difficult to find original post
  • Short-lived
  • Can be hijacked
  • Which app?

With a !shouttag

  • You control the message
  • Single app
  • Create direct conversions
    • Coupons
    • Promo codes
    • Ecommerce / affiliate links

!shouttag vs Shazam

Shazam is a great app for helping figure out who sings that song, but for advertising it does fall short of engaging with users...

  • 15 - 30 second ads too short for customer to engage
  • Requires high user engagement
    • Find phone
    • Open app
    • Identify sound patterns
  • Requires quiet surroundings
  • Ineffective at bars, parties, etc.

With a !shouttag...

  • Easily remembered
  • Engage, even after ad finishes
  • Works well in noisy environments

!shouttag vs website

Websites are great for engaging with customers, but they require substantial investment and have several engagement hurdles...

  • Engagement hurdles
    • Subdomains: product.short.com
    • Slashes: short.com/product
    • Exotic top-level-domains: .mobi, .vegas, etc.
  • Substantial investment
    • Short domains are rare and expensive
    • Hosting
    • Software
    • Graphics
    • Security
  • Often not mobile friendly nor performant

With a !shouttag...

  • No sub-domains or slashes
  • No top-level-domain confusion: .com, .net, .org
  • No substantial investment required
  • Mobile friendly
  • Great SEO
  • Performant

!shouttag vs QR Code

QR Codes...

  • Take up a lot of print space
  • High hurdle for customers
    • Download scanner
    • Get close enough
    • Hold still long enough
    • Requires a website
  • Ineffective on billboards, moving vehicles, radio

With a !shouttag...

  • Regain print space for better visuals
  • No website required
  • Easily updated to provide realtime info
  • Users can view from any distance
  • No scanning
  • Works well on billboards, moving vehicles, radio

!shouttag vs Phone Number

Phone numbers are easy to setup but they do not provide the best engagement possible…

  • Subjects customer to “hard sell” sales pitch
  • Provide no “controlled” web presence, no SEO
  • Websites require too much time, money
    • “Out of the box” (wix, squarespace) solutions
    • Can be expensive
    • Cookie cutter
    • Business owner still responsible for domain
    • Monthly fees

With a !shouttag...

  • Customers get more info
  • Qualifies leads
  • Generates SEO
  • Share with friends
  • Directly email Trackers with promos and news

Sign Up

Creating your own !shouttag is simple...

  • Create a !shouttag account.
  • Login.
  • Request the !shouttag you want
    • After review you will receive an email
  • Edit. Save.
    • Request artwork for print materials
    • Receive free vector files
  • Share.
  • Done!