Copy and Paste the ENTIRE questionnaire below into an email to Me. Provide your answers to ALL questions in My questionnaire!

Part One: General overview and Information

Feel free to expound on any of the questions.  Do not tailor your responses to please Me.

First Name

Screen Name

What would you like to be called?

Are you EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE for a serious committed cuckold relationship leading into marriage NOW, your life?

YES or NO?

Are you READY and WILLING to present yourself to Me IN PERSON within ONE WEEK of this application if we have chemistry over video chat?

YES or NO?


Your actual age:



Fitness - What is Your "Well Muscled Appearance" on a scale of 1-10:


What are your skills and/or talents? (Carpentry, Computer Technician, IT, HTML coding, Graphic Design, Plumbing, Good with fixing gaming systems, Good with fixing tvs, Good with lawn care & maintenance) This is to help identify your strengths so that you may be useful.

Describe your experience with Cuckolding/FLR/D/s  relationships? If none, have you shared your own woman with another man?

Are you a sissy cuck?

Other BDSM relationships:

Marital Status 

   1. Single

   2. Dating

   3. In a relationship

   4. Married

   5. Divorced

   6. Widow

   7. Polyamorous Relationship

Do you live alone? YES or NO

Do you have children? YES or NO  if so their ages:

What is your sexual orientation?

  1. Heterosexual exclusively 

  2. Bisexual

  3. Homosexual

  4. Bi-curious

  5. Open to training controlled by my Mistress?

What kind of relationship are you presently able to provide to a Mistress?  

  1. Long term, live in

  2. Offline, meeting often

  3. Offline, meeting occasionally

  4. Online and offline, meeting often

  5. Online and offline, meeting occasionally

  6. Online only

  7. Not sure yet

Main interest in a D/s Relationship?
  1. Sensual and physical

  2. Psycho-sexual and mental

  3. Both equally

  4. serving your Mistress

Specific personality traits you seek in a Mistress?

How supportive of My career will you be (scale of 1-10)?

Is there anything I discussed in My profile that you are NOT on board with? Explain: