HIYA! I'm !ADAM, and I go on Adventures.

(Pretty straightforward, right?)

I'm using this Board to list my Adventures,

So you can join me on them if you like.

!221BB = Sherlock Holmes Valentine's Day Adventure (2-13-15)

!BLACKFOREST = Dark FairyTale Twine Game (9-2-14)

!MAYA = "Mystery Of The Maya" @museumofscience (12-6-14)

I love creating Twine Games. If you're not familiar with these: they're like those Choose Your Own Adventure books, but online.

You can create your veryown Twine Games with a simple branching-narrative program of the same name, which you can find here: !PLAYTHEGAME.

Twine games are simple to program, but the potential for complex storytelling is staggering. You can learn how to make them in an hour, but the real fun--and challenge--is in creating engaging adventures using only (or primarily) Text.

And I always enjoy finding out about cool new things--so feel free to find me @TIMEOFPOSTING.

Shoot me a DM or comment on one of my postings; I've gotten very into Twitter (since October 2014; I had it before then but fell off it for awhile) and always enjoy connecting with new friends & PenPals!

(Hope you're having an awesome day, wherever & whenever you're reading this :)

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