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 Trunited Summary (3 min)


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Benefits Of Being A Trunited Customer (3 Min)

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Get Paid On Your Spending & The Spending Of Others (7 Min)

CEO/Founder Background & Mission (5 Min)

The above video states that Trunited CEO, Dr. Nicolas Porter, the entrepreneur dentist who founded the company, “went from zero to $100 million in 4 yrs in his 30s.“


Are you tired of companies full of hype, with overpriced products, huge start-up costs, monthly fees, hidden costs, and required product purchases to get paid?  How do you like starting over every other year because of broken promisses?

Here at Trunited you can join a company with no “gotcha’s,” no surprises, with an easy to understand pay plan that rewards you for shopping the way you always have and sharing with others!

  • People LOVE getting paid on things they already do.
  • People LOVE joining a free business.
  • Our Founder/CEO previously built a dental practice to 9-figures ($100's of millions) in revenue.  That company continues today to produce 9-figures in annual revenue.
  • Earn full-time income in your first few months!  Ask us how.

No business is ever 100% free, but this company is as close as you can get.  For a thorough overview, watch the third video above, “How To Get Paid …”

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