CRUSHING IT in 2018!

If you're looking for a great vehicle and you're ready to run, it's time!  Or if you want to make nice side income, here's a new way.

For the FIRST time ever, we are introducing an eBay-like online shopping model with the ability to pay using CryptoCurrency!  We have a real online shopping site where anyone, anywhere, can offer goods and services for sale.  And we have the ability to get in on a new cryptocurrency before anyone knows about it!  This digital coin will soon be used for all transactions on the shopping site.  We can amass thousands of these coins in 2018 just by being a member and spending $45/month!

We're in PRE-launch of a company that started in Jan 2018.

Normally a new company is fraught with risk, inadequate funding, and product issues, but this is a very different situation:  this company was started by a successful owner who has built multiple companies over the last two decades, and currently owns a 9-year-old wellness MLM that's enrolled hundreds of thousands of members, doing tens of millions of dollars in revenue.  I've spoken with him 3 times in the last week via Skype.

If you saw the 2001 movie "Serendipity" (John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale), then you're familiar with the "dipity" part of the word. The name of this company is Cryptodipity.  Serendipity is "the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for."  There is a TON of dipity happening here ... :)
As a Cryptodipity "Brand Developer" (affiliate), you can get up to a 25% override on listing fees you sell worldwide.  That's our product, just like eBay:  seller listings.  And of course you also earn a percentage of all the Brand Developers you recruit and train.  There's MORE INCOME here than there was with Saivian, due to much bigger margins and UNLIMITED on income.

Watch the 4 short videos to learn what we are so excited about:

I'll keep it brief for now and just mention that reaching a $2000 weekly income is not difficult here.  You can do that with two legs of as few as 27 each (54 total)!  And because of the binary, one of those legs can (should) be built by the person above you.

For those who want more details ...


Today online auction global revenue is approx. $15 billion per year and growing. Last year, eBay’s revenue was almost 10 billion (https://www.statista.com/topics/2181/ebay/).  In 2016, eBay had net income of over $7B!  (Yes, you read that right:  seven billion in net income!)  Nearly every year for the last decade, eBay has earned a billion dollars or more, after expenses (https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/EBAY/financials?p=EBAY).  The online shopping site has HUGE margins, meaning they're making plenty of money.

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It's important to note that the Cryptodipity owner built a significant network in Asia (particularly in India) and Europe, and resides in Finland (where his wife is from), so he knows how to position a company for global growth!  Since eBay only operates in 30 countries, we can quickly expand to the other 170 global countries and help those people with online selling and shopping!

John Cini & CMO, Nancie Ann Frazer on CryptoDipity. (16min)

I appreciate your valuable time checking CryptoDipity out.  Call me anytime with questions: 323-601-8873 Google Voice.  Wherever you work, I hope you have a fantastic 2018!


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