Angel Up Foundation

Empowering Global Health

"What if?" is a big question that a lot of times is never answered until groups or individuals ponder the possibilities by not only thinking out of the box, but actually climbing out of the box itself and deciding never to crawl back inside again.

The Angel Up Foundation has pondered the question "What if?" and positioned itself to find out what we can do to change our lives for the better, to improve our health everyday in preventing major illnesses or treating catastrophic diseases without devastating the body or diminishing ones quality of life.

What if there was a way of gaining credible and knowledgeable information as a member of our Angel Up Foundation and gaining the resources necessary to prevent low risk illnesses to life threatening diseases? Or if you already have an illness, treating it through healing foods and adding integrative medicine to build your immune system?

The Angel Up Foundation is launching its first healthcare resource based national program that is free to the public. The resources will include national listings for holistic, integrative medicine, hospitals and clinics that are highly rated using all disciplines of medicine, medical technology, helpful websites and books, government assistance programs, national hotlines and support groups, and anything that could be used as a tool for well-being. Our resource database opens doorways that allow people to understand what types of programs, financial assistance, and treatment options that are available to them. The service we are providing is to educate people on what types of programs they have access to through government, community, religious based organizations, non-profits and charities, support groups, and medical clinics. The database will also provide types of specialists and practitioners with detailed information on what types of treatment and service each discipline provides. People can look for specialists in their own community based on their specific needs.

Angel Up has a toll free number where people can call in and talk live to one of our support personnel. We are building our Earth Angel Fleet of volunteers and training them to handle incoming calls. Our Angels will be giving out information based on our short questionnaire and their individual needs.

Although not operational yet because the program needs the funds to launch this foundation, there is a dedicated 1-800 number already set up to take calls once we launch.

Please visit our Indiegogo Campaign.

Also, check out our perk descriptions when you click the Indiegogo link as well. You will be receiving a reward valued more than what is donated, and in turn, will give the Angel Up Foundation the money needed to start this much needed foundation for all those who suffer illnesses, or want to prevent them.

Let’s put on our wings and "Angel Up" together and build the foundation for today and for future generations.