The world's first

Fumetti Serial

Production Company!

Fumetti comes from an Italian word meaning 'puffs of smoke' (in reference to the speech-balloons common in comics). This is a photo-comic format which blends the experience of reading a comic-book with the photographic illusion of frozen reality.

APPLESTONEPIX began as a group of friends creating short photo-comic sequences on Twitter. Recently, we began using the Hashtag #fumettiserial to collect our ongoing-narrative photocomics, and have launched a company-Twitter: @APPLESTONEPIX. These days, it makes sense to grab social-media pages for your company early on.

One of our founders has been working with !SHOUTTAG, and thought that it would be a perfect place for us to experiment with sequential art and other art-formats that !SHOUTTAG makes possible.

We will be using this Board to host photo-comics, and also to tie in with other Boards maintained by partners or collaborators.

A.S.P. uses posed, spontaneous, appropriated, modified, and occasionally misleading photos to tell stories. Since our venture is a young one, we are focusing on creating exciting stories in the fumetti format (while not having actual speech-bubbles or sound-effects yet!) and hope you enjoy watching our venture as it blooms.

Our first long-form Fumetti Serial is going to be an adaptation/pastiche of Sherlock Holmes:

"The Adventure of the Speckled Hen"

#AOTSH is in the process of being scripted & cast.

We are happy to discuss this in more detail

If you want to contact us through our Twitter account.

Here are a few of our favorite 'panels' from the comic so far:

London .

Was there ever a city quite like this?

Intrigue, romance, & the vague miasma of mystery.

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The streets of London: .

The of a great city.

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Hunting for Richard Upton Pickman

in Boston's North End:

"The Adventure Of Pickman's Medal"

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I look out across these sordid London docks,

Trying to follow Holmes' marvelous line of reasoning.

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"Bruce Partington's plans for the

building got crumpled,"

Holmes remarked ruefully.

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"The world is full of mysteries, Watson.

Learn to OBSERVE, not only to see."

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That's all [for now], folks!