Hi! If you are reading this message, you just experienced a SHOUTTAG! It's a new messaging technology that allows people and companies to easily share a message with the world around them. Did you notice that you got this message without even having to log in? That's right, getting !SHOUTTAG messages is anonymous for readers!

Ask me for a SHOUTTAG sticker! I have fun Halloween colors of our mascot, Shouty the T-Rex! Everybody loves a T-Rex. He especially likes adhering to car windows, tablets, laptops and phones.

Spend some time on !SHOUTTAG, learn how it works and request a !SHOUTTAG for yourself. !SHOUTTAGs are free while we are in BETA!

!SHOUTTAGs offer a fun and exciting new way to share a message when you need more than 140 characters and don't want the hassle of running a website just to share a message with the world around you.