I've wanted a Mazdaspeed ever since they came out. I used to own a 1996 MX-6 LS; the car that made me fall in love with Mazda. Once I had a job that afforded me the ability to purchase the hot hatch of my dreams, I wasted no time. Took me four months to save up for a decent down-payment, and December 22, 2012, signed the paperwork on my Black Mica Mazdaspeed3, lovingly named, Aster.

Aster soon got a completely reworked audio system including ditching the stock Bose system for a touchscreen Pioneer headunit, 14awg speaker wire to all the doors, an Image Dynamics 6.5 component system in the front, and Pioneer 3-ways in the rear doors. A 1000w HiFonics 4-channel amp is powering all the interior speakers and is powered by 0/1 awg power wire. The 'Big three' was also added.

I kept everything else stock for a long time, as I was saving for my impending move from SoCal to Austin, TX. Once in Texas, where restrictions are nearly non-existent, the mod bug hit hard. See list below for what's currently make Aster beastly:


  • JBR PowerPath with TIP
  • Corksport TBE
  • JBR OCC Stage 2
  • AP v3 (Tweaked [by me] Stage 3 93 OTS)
  • Autotech Internals
  • Stratified EBCS
  • TWM Full Replacement w/ Type R Knob
  • CP-e Stage 2 RMM
  • JBR/Damond Full EGR Delete
  • Synchronic DV
  • ITV22s
  • FMIC [TR8 w/ JBR Pipes]