It has been long speculated that a very pregnant Mary likely traveled the long distance from Nazareth to Bethlehem aboard a donkey. This unsung hero, this beast of burden and stalwart travel companion, delivered Mary to Bethlehem safely.

To commemorate this unsung hero, a Christmas Donkey tradition was created and is now celebrated by many households on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Donkey consists of family members attempting to piggy back onto unsuspecting family member and simultaneously yelling "Christmas Donkey!". The goal is it stay on the Christmas Donkey for as long as possible whilst the unsuspecting and often disoriented steed tries to buck you off.

Example, say your brother is on the way to the kitchen to get another holiday libation, and you pass him in the hall. Jump on his back when he walks by and yell, "Christmas Donkey!" Then enjoy the ensuing hilarity. For posterity, be sure someone has a camera ready to record the reenactment. Post FB and IG videos and pics using the hashtag #christmasdonkey and share your Christmas Donkey story with the world.

History may have forgotten this important companion, but through tradition we can keep the Christmas Donkey alive.

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