Introducing the NEW CoffeeHouse Instant Specialty Coffee machine.  One Button + 45 seconds to enjoy Fourteen different 'Foo-Foo' coffee drinks. 

My name is Andrew, I WAS the Regional Director for the CoffeeHouse machine in the San Diego county and Inland Empire regions of SoCal. 

I have one more machine left to sell, it's is my demo unit.

Normally, the CoffeeHouse machine retails for $8500, but I have moved onto another business. So, if you are interested in my demo (used twice), then I am letting it go for less than my cost.

Regular price $8500 with many supplies...

NOW Only $3000 Cash (FIRM). It can be a real money maker if placed in the right location with people traffic.

Call my Google voice number for a demo or info...323-601-8873.

Shaved Ice store now serves Lattes, Cappuccinos and 12 other Coffee drinks.

Another Successful Fundraiser Event.

Get a piece of the 15 Billion Dollar Coffee industry!

CoffeeHouse has 14 Specialty Coffee Flavors + Ice adds 2 more

Andrew Farrell 

Regional Director