Americas Projects Needs You

Americas Projects is looking to volunteers that wish to help themselves, help others, help their causes and make communities better.

Although this opportunity is not a salaried position, our Give & Receive Funding Program will allow each individual involved the opportunity create sustainable revenues and even personal wealth.  

Coordinator Personal  Revenues

To maximize personal financial opportunities within the program once a Coordinator is signed up as a member their revenues could see fantastic results over a short period of time. Coordinators who are performers could see a staggering US $100,000 - $200,000 monthly based on the current Bitcoin rate. 

Create Your Wealth Now

Position: Outreach Coordinators

Americas Projects is looking for those motivated leaders and influencers who wish to better themselves and their community. 

We are currently in need of Outreach Coordinators in the global community  to represent Americas Projects. The Outreach Coordinators will be expected to  inform and educate their personal network and local community of the Give & Receive Funding Program. This opportunity provides communities numerous sustainable solutions where they need it most. 

Coordinators will promote the Give & Receive Funding Program among the online and local community. Outreach Coordinator should be self starters and leaders, you will represent  Americas Projects in your community and/or groups:  providing information to your crowd, be a team builder, influencer, organize events, local Meet Up Group host, recruit volunteers, and arrange projects to get the community excited about and invested in our opportunities. Social media influencers are also needed who have a broader base of connections who can increase the bandwidth of interest who are able to sign members into our program.

Coordinators Bonus

Coordinators that are most successful within their mission have the distinctive opportunity within Americas Projects to become a Live Event Location that will provide strategic sustainable projects to their community.  

Give & Receive Funding Program

Give & Receive Funding Program, a new level of financial empowerment for people in need of extra  income, targeting both for profit and non profit interests. Fund Businesses, Non-Profits, Churches, Families, community projects and most of all Yourself. Everyone has the same opportunity to benefit from the program, you job is to get them informed and involved.

Unique Approach

Give & Receive Funding Program  is a hybrid  Pay-it-Forward platform that helps people access money by helping each other. This is neither a crowdfunding or multilevel marketing program. Donors are not buying, selling or trading ANYTHING. They are leveraging money right into their own wallet utilizing Bitcoin as the currency. 

Fund Raising

This is a whole new level of financial empowerment for charitable organizations like Americas Projects.  As donors continuously give into this platform what they continuously receive is always greater than what they gave. Americas Projects receives a humanitarian fee for every member that comes through Americas Projects. These funds will enhance and impact communities on a global basis.

Americas Projects Outreach Coordinators

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