Hi. Thanks for checking out my !shouttag. You probably saw my shirt with !DasBoot. As you can see a !shouttag is a great way for people to read a message you have prepared. Think of a !shouttag as a "sticky hashtag" or a contextual QR code.

Some benefits of a !SHOUTTAG:

  • No more hassling with websites or domains
  • Anonymous. Users do NOT need to create an account to read your !SHOUTTAG
  • Portable. Easily link to specific products and services across any advertising medium, including radio. "For more information shouttag Joes Diner", a lot easier to remember than a phone number.
  • Moderation. Each !SHOUTTAG must be approved so reduces chance of cyber-squatting and copyright infringement

Why !DasBoot? Das Boot is referenced in on of the greatest movies ever made, here is a scene from Beerfest:

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