DDMM Nutrition is a new line of supercharged supplements which contain no proprietary blends, no secrets, and no BS. Just the highest quality ingredients in the right amounts!

Our products were designed from the ground up to enhance your Quality of Life. Each product that we produce follows strict guidelines for purity, effectiveness, and transparency. We want you to know what you are taking and why. You should always ask yourself, “How will this product help me achieve my goals?

We are proud to introduce the first product in the DDMM Nutrition supplement stack, a very powerful, all-natural testosterone booster called ROARRR!

As men get older, the body naturally slows down it's production of testosterone, that all-important hormone that helps build lean muscle, maintain energy levels, and improve focus. But you don't have to accept exhaustion and weakness as the new norm - you just need a boost in the testosterone department.

ROARRR! Testosterone Booster® naturally optimizes and increases testosterone production, allowing you to enjoy a healthy, high-performance lifestyle. ROARRR! helps you push harder, recover faster, and even maximize nutrient uptake throughout the day. It's like turbocharging your body so you feel stronger, faster, better. Time to jump-start your engine!

ROARRR! is Jam Packed with over 2100mg of the purest ingredients on the planet! Most supplements on the market today use proprietary blends - which means ingredient manufacturers can combine cheap “fillers” with more expensive ingredients to create “performance blends”. These performance blends ensure a healthy profit margin for the manufacturers but come up short in providing you maximum results!

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DDMM Gear!

We are proud to announce our new DDMM Nutrition Gear Lineup! Ultra premium shirts, tanks, hoodies, and hats for men and women sporting the DDMM logos!

When people see the DDMM logos, they'll know that you live the DDMM lifestyle of integrity, hard work, hustle, and leadership. Let them know that you are here to #leavealegacy!

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Meet the Monster Motivator!

Introducing Dave Daley better known as The Monster Motivator! Not only is MM the founder and CEO of DDMM Nutrition, he is a renowned motivational and inspirational speaker spreading his message of positivity and self-belief across the country, with an unfiltered yet refined delivery. MM does it Real. Raw. Live!

MM has been a life long fitness enthusiast, he is a personal trainer and has owned and operated his own successful nutrition and supplement store.


“I feel consistently happier and stronger throughout the day. Love it!” - Phil B.


“I have been taking my ROARRR! for approximately 3 months now having completed the original 90 day pilot challenge. I have to say that I have been 100% satisfied with my results! I am a Fire Captain and with my career there are times that I am completely sleep deprived. ROARRR! has helped not only with recovery but given me an overall boost in my energy level. My strength and endurance levels have been greatly improved. ROARRR! has exceeded all of my expectations!” -Patrick Powers

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We will be launching more products over the next several months, designed to compliment each other in the perfect "stack" that will not only help you reach your fitness, energy, and quality of life goals, but maintain them as well. 

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