Mistress J seeks a promising submissive.

****Before we begin to communicate, I expect you to read the entire Tag as it is important that we do not waste valuable time if we are not a good fit.

Introducing Me

A stunning beauty who is bi-sexual, 5’2” tall, 31DDD (firm), tight little athletic body, sweet ass, long blonde hair and tantalizing blue eyes. Well educated, healthy, caring, calm demeanor who has an open mind and non judging attitude. She is a unique blend of a lady you would be proud to be with in a public setting, yet crawl to her feet in private. Girl next door meets sensual vixen.

She has a a simplistic approach to life within a complex journey who seeks only the best sub to experience this moment together. Not looking for the faint of heart, however very open for novice sub that understands this is naturally their place on Earth without a current option that appeals.

Very open to males, females and couples. Single females I will communicate more of what is expected outside of this forum as there will be some flexibility in my approach depending upon your situation.

Are you the One?

My interest is simple yet not something so easily discovered as I have experienced while seeking out this very special submissive. However not being one to settle, I will attempt to be clear in what I do desire and a few aspects that would either be unwanted or a turnoff.

You must be powerful in the boardroom yet completely submissive when entering my world. A polished seasoned successful, educated business professional, fit, attractive, bi / bi curious, shaved (face / tightly trimmed or shaved privates), and well groomed.

  • Must be available early evenings during the week and Sundays
  • Ability to always host, neat, clean and safe neighborhood.
  • Understanding your initial limits while where you seek to begin this path - communication is key. If you do not understand what fetishes are called or what all you may desire, go to a free site such as fetlife and research before responding.
  • Male & couples who are subs: will provide all fetish gear, toys and outfits for you and I for the sessions.
  • Must be a true pleaser (to also be treated better than a wife), therefore if you put me in a category less than you would be dismissed. Spoiling me should be part of your service, be respectful, creative and caring always.
  • No substances while together in sessions or in general are allowed. Clear minds and pure hearts only.
  • Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, not looking to travel or for out of towners who seek NSA unless they are capable of having an established home here and some sort of controls can be maintained while you are away.

Understanding the Path

My life has allowed many pleasures and adventures in a submissive role. Throughout this chosen path I have been fascinated with the idea of becoming a dominatrix while remaining in my current role as a submissive to my husband. The interest has now extended to furthering my desire to be trained in this area with a submissive which would be worthy of my time, energy and allow me to maximize this stage of development.

Must desire to be trained while I am being mentored. If you are homophobic or skittish when in a married couple this will not be for you.

Every subs fantasy however seeking longer term controls instead of an NSA experience. This is not a pro domme lifestyle pitch, far from it. Long term I seek to own the right sub, this is why being mentored properly is so important.

  • My interests are in discovering the fetishes of my sub while learning my craft, allowing my sub to experience and become fulfilled.
  • Screening process includes my mentor. Prefer first live discussion on kik then we can talk on a call and meet in public.
  • Very private and willing to sign a NDA if you have a sensitive career or life that needs to remain protected.

View into our World

Despite its growing popularity such as Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM is still a highly criticized and misunderstood form of sensual expression. Many who conger up dark pictures with a lack of care and ultimately where abuse exists. This has allowed many who otherwise would be drawn naturally to their destine role as a dominant or submissive. This also eliminates many in relationships from sharing this side with their mate. It is common that a very powerful and successful leader in the world, who also demonstrates a similar characteristic within their personal lives.

What has been discovered, when naturally have the need to let go, while serving as a submissive. Where one craves to follow and please verses lead, and allow for a balance many times does not exist in their world. The fear of being judged, taken advantage of, losing the respect they have built, their immaculate reputation, or a loss of a relationship creates that wall within blocking their true desire, interest and or outlet from their daily lives. This tends to leave at times devastating results where they are left unsatisfied, unhappy, depression, unsatisfied or lost within. Many of times this leads to struggling with relationship.

You can find your balance while still remaining intact with your life, enhancing your value to all aspects while fulfilling you inner most needs in this quest.