The Imperial Sand Dunes, more famously known as Glamis are the largest mass of sand dunes in California. These dunes extend more than 40 miles along the eastern edge of the Imperial Valley agricultural region in a band averaging five miles in width. 

Rising to heights of over 300 feet above the surrounding desert floor, the dunes are a well-known landmark to local residents and the thousands of highway travelers who pass by them every year. 

While summer temperatures often rise above 110°F and annual rainfall averages less than two inches, the mild climate between October and May attracts tens of thousands of off highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts to the area.

Glamis is split into many different sections, including; Gordon's Well, Buttercup, Midway, and Patton's Valley. 

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Buttercup Sunrise. Taken by Micki Warner Poole on 11.21.2016

Fun History

The recreational use of the dunes also has historical roots beginning with local families who would travel to the dunes to drive the plank road and have a Sunday picnic. The dunes also became a place for families to camp and try out, or develop, new machines for driving in the sand.

A milestone in the evolution of OHV use came after World War II when surplus Jeeps were available for purchase by the private sector. The Imperial Sand Dunes is also believed to be the birthing place for the early dune buggies. Model A cars with their bodies removed were some of the first buggies attempting the challenges of the sand dunes.

Multiple generations of families have loyally followed this tradition, flocking to the dunes to recreate and socialize several times a year. Thus a social culture, unique to the dunes, has developed and will evolve as new generations of families continue to observe their family traditions.

Glamis, CA

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