The Eagle's Nest Leaders is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to helping men ages 18 and up deal with a wide range of life issues to help mitigate anxiety, depression, anger, and most importantly, avoid suicide.

Our goal is to teach men that there are healthy ways to heal through devastating life events such as divorce, job loss, and custodial disputes. We provide a national, male-tailored support system through mentorship, leadership development, ministry, financial planning and career skills training programs that focus on positivity, love, and healing.

Even when the days seem their darkest, every man must realize their intrinsic value, something they bring to the table that no one else can, that they are a King. They may struggle now, but through guidance and a healthy mindset they will reach the other side, much stronger and much happier.

Please consider making a donation to help us provide the counseling, healing, and treatment so another King does not succumb to a terrible end...


Men make up over 75% of suicide victims in the United States, with one man killing himself every 20 minutes. About 22% of suicide deaths in the U.S. involve alcohol, while opiates play a role in roughly 20% of suicides.

Our goal is to be a resource for men who may otherwise turn to destructive behavior including alcohol and drugs to ease the pain they are going through. We will show them there are better and healthier ways to forge through the pain, and that with time, they will be happy once again.

"King" George

The Eagles Nest Leaders Organization was founded because a great man, “King” George Marion Mason IV succumbed to the pressures often placed upon men and unfortunately took his own life. George is survived by his wife and three children. 

In his honor The Eagles Nest Organization established the George Marion Mason IV Fund to do all we can to bring healing to men battling with mental health issues and substance abuse and carry them to their destiny.