EDFIN Cash for College is the premiere College Planning Service that will help ensure a smooth application process to the college of your choice, while minimizing out-of-pocket expenses and maximizing financial aid.

Face it, with the average tuition fees estimated at $33,215 yearly, it could cost you over $130,000 to earn your degree (not including room and board). We can help you offset these costs with financial aid, some of which doesn't even have to be paid back!

Let our highly trained College Planning Specialists help you navigate the maze of paperwork required to attend the college of your choice, at the cheapest out-of-pocket cost possible.

Contact us and let us help you achieve your dreams of a higher education!

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EDFIN TV/Radio Show streams live every Friday @ 7pm from the EDFIN Cash for College studio in the heart of Temecula.

Shelly RUFIN & Rob Cando talk to weekly guests who discuss how EDFIN Cash for College helped them apply to the college of their choice!

Michaella Amaya


What is FAFSA?

What are Scholarships, Student Loans?

Why is a College Planning Specialist a necessity and not just a luxury?

Did you know that one in seven FAFSA don't get processed correctly?

A large percent of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms do not get processed because they have errors or inconsistencies, which means you will lose out on some or all you're financial aid you could receive.

Our College Planning Specialists know how to properly complete your forms to maximize your financial aid eligibility, and provide you peace of mind knowing you've received the financial aid you're entitled, while minimizing your time effort and energy.

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To provide affordable educational consulting services to graduating high school students, returning students and the unemployed. Helping students achieve higher education and maximize their opportunities for success.


To provide affordable Educational Consulting services by helping students apply for college, financial aid, receive personal career assessment and counseling, and clinical counseling. Optional Services: Personality, Motivation, and Behavioral Counseling.


EDFIN's culture is structured and based on Integrity, Vision and Commitment. We treat our students with courtesy, respect and guarantee realistic advice that achieve results.


Being a first generation student Edfin has been very helpful! Thanks to Shelly's help I was awarded a more financial aid than i expected and she is always there to answer my questions when i call. I would highly recommend EDFIN!

--Jasmine Castaneda
Thank you Shelly and Edfin team with your help so far with getting Olivia the tuition waivers for Santa Monica Community College!! Looking forward to seeing you work your magic as she gets ready to transfer to a University this fall!

--Erika Weiss Cantwell


Legal Issues Most College Students will Face and How You Can Protect Them


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