Comprised of an all-star lineup from some of the world's most successful acts, ELVIS Monroe is an eclectic mix of country, classic americana, and modern flavors woven together to tell stories about friendship, love, and sacrifice.

ELVIS MONROE features talented musicians from hugely successful bands including multi-platinum recording artists Lifehouse / Savage Garden and Paperback Hero.

Lead singer Bryan Hopkins (Paperback Hero), lead guitarist Ben Carey (Lifehouse / Savage Garden) are ELVIS Monroe.

The band was forged on friendships and they are always ready to perform no matter where they find themselves. In fact they performed for just the wife and crew of a shop who fixed their bus while on their recent tour with 3 Doors Down!

She was freaking out because she found out we were at the shop, so we told her to come down for a private show. You know us man, we are ready to play anywhere at anytime, the music just flows through us." --lead singer Bryan Hopkins.

Special Performance Alert!

We are playing our song “The Fight” for a special, one song performance, live at the Route 91 Strong Foundation Red Carpet event tonight (Friday, April 20th) at the Vanity Lounge in the Hard Rock Hotel Tower! 

The event starts at 5:45 and will run for about an hour. As of now we are scheduled to play at 6:30 (give or take). The Route 91 Strong foundation means a lot to us, so it would be awesome to see you guys out there, if you are able to go be sure to come and say hi and snap some selfies!

“Backyard Family BBQ”

Without further ado, we are wicked proud to show you our new video for "Backyard Family BBQ" directed by David Pichette! We hope you enjoy it, don't forget to sub to our youtube channel so you can see all new videos the second they are released.

Thank you to our director David Pichette of Main Stage Multimedia and everyone who played a huge part of making this a massive success.

Blue Collar Man

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Colors That we Fly

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“Rebel” BPJ Tour!

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“Take We Back” BPJ Tour!

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Why ELVIS Monroe?

Some people ask us how we came up with the name ELVIS Monroe, no it's not a mashup of our names. Matt Nelson, the son of Ricky Nelson from the popular 90s band Nelson, gave us the name. He named us ELVIS Monroe as a tribute to Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe who were both cultural icons that blazed their own trail and left legacies that will last for generations! EM is a nod to their unique talents, contributions to music, and just overall wicked awesomeness.

 “The music speaks for itself. I like to call it Americana pop, it’s done with an acoustic kind of tinge, but it rocks!” --lead guitarist Ben Carey.

In this video we made a special stop at Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee, the birthplace of legendary musical careers including Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. It meant a lot for us to see ELVIS Monroe branded on #shelby at Sun Records, as a way of paying our respects to some of the greatest musicians to ever live.

Back Porch Jam!

We wanted to take a few minutes and post about our amazing experience on the #BackPorchJam tour with ‪3 Doors Down‬.

Ever since the tour began back in January in So Cal the time has FLOWN by, everything has just been a whirlwind of excitement, fun, awe, music, travel and so much more, at times it was near impossible to not believe that it wasn't all a dream.

We want to thank everyone who made this tour a huge success for EM. Thanks to ‪3 Doors Down‬ for seeing our potential and asking us to tour with them. We couldn't have toured with a better bunch of guys and crew, we look forward to future gigs with them! We learned so much.

We want to thank Cappello Heavy Transport and Chuck “Hollywood” Cappello. Chuck is our partner and a brother to us, and without his support this tour would have been a no-go from the start.  “Shelby” has been our home on wheels and has been an awesome bus that took us from Coast to Coast and everywhere in between. Thanks Chuck, you have no idea how much your support means.

We want to thank the EM crew for their unending support. Y’all were Wicked Amazing.

Last but certainly not least, we want to thank you, our fans and he new #ELVISMonroeMafia fans we made along the way! Every show we played, you were AMAZING. You each brought a positive vibe that brought out the best in us, and for that we are extremely grateful. We look forward to making music and growing with each of ya'll down the road, thank you for your support!

Special Thanks!

Special thanks to Cappello Heavy Transport for providing us “Shelby” to ride around in for our Back Porch Jam tour! Our friend and brother from another mother Chuck owns CHT located in Shrewsbury, Mass.

CHT specializes in transportation of oversized construction equipment, cranes, and generators. They also offers comprehensive knowledge and service - as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Service Administration. So if you need something BIG hauled, hit up our man Chuck, he will give you a good deal!

Thanks again Chuck, and Cappello Heavy Transport for helping us make our dreams come true, “Shelby” rocks!

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