Look in the Mirror. Have You Two Met?

Three years ago, I discovered a whole new form of structure that was infused with artistic freedom. Quite the paradox. I retired in 2013 as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army, it was all I knew. It was not easy to leave Staff Sergeant Ross behind and find Christina Ross, whoever that was, but I was up to the challenge as a single parent of three teenagers. This was compounded by adolescent transitions, civilian indoctrination, and personal awakenings. As a Soldier, we would "embrace the suck" which meant we endured the dreaded task to get it done. I knew I had to see things differently now.

Have you ever dropped something on the ground and picked it up only to drop it two more times? GRRRR! It used to frustrate me when plans would fail, because that was unacceptable. During my post-retirement, I made mistakes along the way but amazingly, the world didn't stop spinning because of it. As a matter of fact, I gained more than I lost by those failed attempts through meeting new mentors and opportunities for personal growth. Now, I embrace these experiences which I know will continue to sharpen me not only as an entrepreneur but as a person. So, look in the mirror, have you two met? Do you know how amazing you are and the great things you will accomplish? If not, then step forward, prepare for setbacks, and "embrace the GRRRR!"