Achieve real gains and remove obstacles in your path to fitness with Everyday Health and Fitness with Multiple Sclerosis.

David Lyons' program is designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and includes anecdotes from real people with MS, their limitations and how they followed this plan to reach their fitness goals. The customizable, high-intensity, calorie-burning workout builds lean muscle mass. 

Find advice and solutions for overcoming mental hurdles, nutrition fundamentals to properly fuel workouts, easily adaptable exercises, and motivation. 

Everyday Heath and Fitness is a road map for every person who wants to conquer a disease or disability, and just get moving.

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I am a longtime supporter of David Lyons and his MS Fitness Challenge charity. This man is a leader in the strength and fitness industry.

He has consistently shown what leading a healthy lifestyle can achieve. Even facing a disease like multiple sclerosis he still crushes it every day in the gym! I just ordered this and cannot wait for it to come! I'll be making a trip to Los Angeles to check out his new gym. I know it's going to be just as great as he is!

This is a book for everybody to learn tips and tricks on how to live the best life you can.

--Goldy Locks (amazon)

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Pub Date: Feb. 01, 2017
ISBN: 9781592337415
Page Count: 192

About the Author

David Lyons with Arnold Schwarzenegger!!

David Lyons was a healthy bodybuilder and gym owner when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006 at the age of 47. The doctors told him he would rapidly decline and require a wheelchair. Instead David battled the disease in the gym and challenged himself by competing in an NPC bodybuilding competition. David and his wife Kendra then founded the MS Fitness Challenge, which provides certified fitness professionals to people with MS nationwide for 12 weeks at no cost as well as a gym membership, in an effort to educate and train them in the benefits of exercise and nutrition. He and Kendra have also launched their own gym, the OptimalBody Personal Fitness facility in Murrieta, CA.

With American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA), David developed the MS Fitness & Wellness Specialist certification, and he currently writes for David is the recipient of the Most Inspirational Award at the 2009 Florida State Bodybuilding Championship at 50 years old, the National MS Society Milestone Award, the Health Advocate Achievement Award (alongside Lou Ferrigno), the Health Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award (presented by Arnold Schwarzenegger), and the Lifetime Fitness Inspiration Award from the Global Bodybuilding Organization.