Personal Manager for  Executive

Position for "Jane of all Trades"  

Great opportunity to support our Leader

Seeking  a personal and administrative assistant to support a high level executive. You will manage his personal and professional calendars, manage personal home staff/subcontractors, professional a high volume of correspondence,  scheduling and travel (accompanying  executive). Personal Assistant will have a well rounded approach in duties, the opportunity to provide a more personal care to the executive in addition to more traditional in-office duties with great confidence. Must be computer and software (Microsoft office) proficient.

Reporting directly to the Executive

The Assistant prioritizes the day to day operations of the executive while supporting the overall vision, mission and mandates for the executive including, organizing notes, tasks, scheduling and prioritizing meetings and conference calls; preparation of  reports; manage electronic mail on behalf of the executive; organize travel; process expense reports; generate and distribute materials for meetings; and prepare confidential  correspondence for distribution.

Daily Duties

This position will include managing and performing personal and business non-routine duties. I.e. running personal errands, buying presents, personal shopping,  liaise with housekeeper & grounds maintenance, maintain personal accounts. Organizing meals, creating healthier options, working out with executive, collaborating on events or dinner parties, being a perfect hostess. 

Must be resourceful, capable of providing healthier life choices through arranging meals and lifestyle activities. Executive is extremely busy and has numerous responsibilities, therefore must be able to manage, keep all the mundane tasks out of executives path. Keep  home organized.

Although she must have management type skills she must be very respectful and subservient type chemistry to her boss where it naturally flows, where he is clearly in control and must fit well together with  personalities. Seeking no nonsense, drama or interference in the flow in his life. Resourceful, creative, intuitive sense will benefit this position. 

Executive is an innovator, creator, developer, impactful, caring, alpha leader, generous, open minded, intelligent, multi-tasker, design and build professional. A results-driven leader, well liked, breeds loyalty,an executive tactical planner, innovative strategist, creates stability, prosperity, and a visionary with a unique approach.

Desire for longer term arrangement with attractive pay and bonus structure. Position provides career, assistant has option for business opportunities, retirement plan,  professional experience, provides a sense of substance, personal growth and development. High expectations, high energy, early riser and late evening tasks at times. Also this position will provide a lot of fun and adventures.

Traits Sought

Fashionable sense to shop for executive. Ultimately  responsible for providing options for a healthier choice path, allowing the smaller things to be dealt fun and enjoyment when business has concluded for the day.

Must have the ability take charge of situations on behalf of executive, loyal, dedicated, ability to maintain code of privacy and protect her boss from any negatives by managing situations. Be a team player and able to defuse situations so they do not escalate and get along well with other staff. 

Ability to multitask, keep up with executives creative flow, able to take great notes and remember assignments, duties and tasks. Executive rewards for performance. 

Must have a dynamic personality, demanding respect without being rude or demeaning with the ability to clear the noise out of executives path so he may create, direct and implement on a daily basis. Must be open minded and can find positives in all situations.

Must desire to do good in the world, has empathy, motivated to help others, seeks to be apart of something bigger than ones self.


Looking for an up beat, genuine, friendly, intelligent, energetic, fit, beautiful motivated, single, college age girl who seek a long term position. Chemistry between executive and assistant is crucial, creating that alpha authority figure which blends well with assistants youthful impression.   

Must be able to travel nationally and internationally, dresses fashionable and presentable at all times, based on each situation, presents herself as a gracious hostess taking control of events and recruiting skill-set for events, talent, BBQ', pool parties and diner parties. Must fit into the group well, be liked and friendly to guests, co-workers, etc. Making your executive proud to have you on his staff.

Must be able to relocate to southeastern US, live on or close proximity to executives property and make herself available when executive is in need of assistance due to unique hours depending on his business schedule.

This opportunity is a process and diligent selection required. NDA will be required. Interview process via phone, zoom and then in person.  Must be able to pass a background check. Degree not required however professional experience will have appeal. 

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Cover letter addressing the outline of position (why you should be considered, how you are qualified and why is this position desired), personal and professional picture(s),  resume and availability to begin working.

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