July 11, 2015 I lost one of my best friends and a huge part of my heart. The most difficult thing about having a pet is when the time comes to say goodbye. Selfishly you may not want to do so.
No matter what I look like, what I say, how I feel, they're always there. Faust was no exception. Everyday with him was a gift. I didn't think I would have him very long when he came to me but he gave me almost five years and was close to 16. There were a lot of ups and downs. Cancer, congestive heart failure, vestibular disease and several surgeries. He was so resilient and dignified.
Faust provided me with unconditional love and trust and I will never take that for granted, in fact I feel honored that I was one of the few people he trusted. I hope that I had as much of a powerful and positive impact in his life as he did in mine.
Rest peacefully my friend and one of my animal soul mates, free of pain and suffering, forever loved and never forgotten. Run free Faustini the Magnificent. You truly were magnificent.


My name is Faust but I'm often referred to as Faustini the Magnificent. As you can see, I'm quite a distinguished older gentleman. I am also very nervous in new environments and around new people, please be gentle and kind. In the odd likelihood you've found me without my human you can locate her by calling the number on my tag. Thank you for watching out for me until I find my way back home.

Obviously this is me when I was a young chap.....

The following are me as a distinguished older gentleman.