A lot of people want to make movies. A lot of people don't.

We're confused as to why in this day and age they don't.

So here is the deal: on the 1st of January, we will be taking applications from aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers.

On the 16th of January we will ask the screen writers to write a short (no more then 12 pages) screen play, based on a Writing Prompt that we will give them. They will have until the end of the day on the 16th to upload it to their SHOUTTAG Board.

-On the 17th of January, we will email the filmmakers with the link to the !SHOUTTAG-Board containing the screenplay they will be working on.

-The filmmakers then have until the 19th of January to get a cast & crew together, film something, edit it, and upload what they've created to their own Board.

-We will then list all the participating Taggers at the bottom of the !FILM24 Board, and promote the hell out of them!

Have fun. We don't care about budget, content, or quality of acting. We're here to connect writers, directors, & actors.

!FILM24's purpose is to promote fun films, emerging talent, and undiscovered artists.

So speak up! Send us a short note (and attach your resume) to wholedaysfilm@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter! (We're always going somewhere interesting)