I am Fiona Siohban Murphy, just Fiona or Fi for short. In the odd likelihood you've found me without my human please contact her using the phone number located on my tag. I'm sure she is beside herself if she's not with me or doesn't know of my whereabouts.

I'm a very happy and joyful girl, I know loads of tricks and would love to show them off for you. Sit, Bang-Play Dead, Go Around, Shake with both paws and a few others. I love tennis balls and playing fetch, although I don't like to give up one ball unless you have another to throw. I guess I'm addicted! I also enjoy long walks on the beach....err wait, I like the park and forests, oh and my new found joy, humping---hahaha stupid autocorrect--JUMPING on and climbing large boulders.

Please help me find my way home safely. Be kind and gentle until you've contacted my human who will be very happy to hear you've found me safely.