Have you got a trick or a treat to share with us?

Get a !TAG (we suggest using your !NAME), and upload something that you're proud of. It can be a poem, a recipe, a joke, a song, a painting, or--really--anything you want to share!

Once your Ray is ready, email tagyorik@gmail.com saying that you want to be part of the Focus, and include a short description (three sentences max) of what you're sharing.

MATS ("Material")

(For Inspiration/Tonality. Feel free to use any that speak to you as a jumping-off point.)

  1. !BLACKFOREST = A Fairytale Text-Adventure
  2. !BROADCAST = Radio-Drama
  3. !CALLIOPE = Poetry
  4. !CROSSROAD = Music
  5. !DRAWNFROMLIFE = Illustration, Painting, and other Visual Arts
  6. !FIRELIGHT = Urban Legends
  7. !FLICKER = Animation
  8. !MADEWITHLOVE = Handmade Projects
  9. !ORANGEPILL = Tales of Terror For The Internet Age
  10. !REDRUM = Ghosts & Hauntings
  11. !WEAVE = Interactive Fiction
  12. !WEIRD = "Notes On Writing Weird Fiction", by H.P. Lovecraft (highly recommended for writers)
  13. !WHISPER = Existential Dread
  14. !WORTH1000 = Photography