Sustainable Funding For The Faith Based Community

Fund Raising Transformation

Inspiring centers of worship and community involvement for one common goal.

Our Program 

Fund raising is difficult, there are many ideas out there. Many worships centers find success in their efforts, but far fewer are sustainable efforts. This can become an even more difficult task when the economy is struggling, the same as those within the worship centers.

Give & Receive Program

  • Easiest  way to raise funds
  • Smaller Contribution per Donor
  • Donor Receives By Giving
  • Faster Returns
  • Potential Sustainable Revenues
  • Safe, Fast & Easy

Unique Approach

Our Give & Receive Funding Program  is a hybrid  Pay-it-Forward platform.

Donors are not buying, selling or trading ANYTHING. They are leveraging money right into their own wallet and tithing a portion of their donations back to the worship center.

Fund Raising

This is a whole new level of financial empowerment for Worship Centers and for those who donate, because this program is based on the Spiritual Principle of Receiving by Giving. As donors continuously give into this platform what they continuously receive is always greater than what they gave. Now our Houses of Worship has a resource that can financially bless them as they financially bless the congregations & communities that they serve. 

Small Donations Create A Large Impact

Sign up your church! "Special donations for churches who join now to share our financial outreach program."

For as little as $60 could change a life, family and the community forever.

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When they GIVE  they RECEIVE even more.

Exciting News Churches Receive Funding

Building Repairs - FUNDED

Facility Expansion - FUNDED

Missions - FUNDED

Pastor and Missionaries Retirement - FUNDED

Community Projects - FUNDED

Outreach - FUNDED

Youth Group Activities - FUNDED

Click Here: Funding for my Church and Me