Operation Fund My Cause was developed to help everyone achieve their goals of raising money no matter what the reason rapidly for Fund My Cause. 

You may need money for medical bills, emergencies, school,  family member needs, various charities, community projects, vacation, a boat or car, your business, inventions, or just simply trying to get out of debt.

How does it work?

Fund My Cause took crowdfunding a step further, using multilevel marketing ideals and the concept of teamwork to develop a platform where everyone can see their goals achieved.

Operation Fund My Cause is part of a bigger picture that helps communities; we are interested in changing the game, creating a sustainable access to money to fund projects that make a difference in people’s lives. Operation Fund My Cause found that system which could raise money quickly, and easily where everyone wins with Fund My Cause.

Operation Fund My Cause is a site that allows everyone to get the word out, use your direct contacts and social media with our help and you will be well on your way to achieving your funding needs. 

Do Your Part

Sign up and enroll 2 people who donate, and in turn they sign up 2 more each and do the same,  you are well on your way to achieving your goals. Imagine the story you can share in each other’s success and best of all you did this together.

Operation Fund My Cause has built this Social Network portal so all of our interested parties can come to one location and build not only their network, but assist those you are introducing to the opportunity to build their own.

Who Benefits

Non-Profits, Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques are always looking for money. Needs for money may vary: assisting elderly people in need of heat, poor need food or clothing, a new roof, expand into outreach programs, youth ministry trips or perhaps looking to expand and build a larger church. Once the organization signs up, they can simply ask those in the congregation to also sign up and request each individual simply donates a portion of their proceeds back to the church while also helping their own family thrive.

Businesses have the difficult task of gaining the start up, operating and expansion capital while banks no longer make it easy to secure those credit lines. Employers may also offer their employees an opportunity to benefit through signing up as well. Become the boss you always wish you had the privilege of knowing, one with an incredible opportunity for growth and prosperity. 

Perhaps you are an organization or charity helping those in need yet you need funds to achieve your objectives. Most have experienced the typical Crowdfunding avenues, more likely than not these opportunities have failed to raise any or very little funds for your cause.

For those inventors that have the next greatest idea but, as always you're not having the funds available to build that next industry changing invention. Unfortunately, without your own money, will stop those inventions dead in their tracks.

For Individuals Maybe personal debt, hospital bills, retirement are some other thing facing your family, operation fund my cause will get you to your goal of raising money faster.

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