Challenges in Raising Funds

Fundraising is a challenge in many organizations and finding new creative  ways to help with engaging your donors is an ongoing process. If you can not get your donors engaged then your fundraiser will quickly lose momentum. 

Raising funds to support your causes has many ongoing challenges. Fundraising is part and parcel of every nonprofit's need to reach out for support and involvement. Efforts, never ending process of having to generate new ideas to inspire donors, large out of pocket operational costs and labor create many burdens on an organization without a guarantee of success.

For those organizations which find success in their efforts, even far fewer find sustainable efforts. Even with creative methods such as Crowdfunding have a small percentage of success. 

Innovative Approach to Raising Non Profit Funds

Introducing the Give & Receive Funding Program, a new level of donation that also provides your donors the help they may also require. 

Fund My Cause took crowdfunding a step further, using some multilevel marketing ideas and the concept of teamwork to develop a platform where everyone can see their goals achieved. We have branded this innovative design the Give and Receive Funding Program.  

There are distinct differences between Fund My Cause as compared to MLM’s and crowdfunding platforms.  Fund My Cause is neither a traditional crowdfunding nor an MLM. It is a unique hybrid that has become the first Give and Receive Funding Program; a distinct platform which strictly provides a vehicle for donating money without a purchase or sale of products, service or prize give away. 

What other opportunity would donors require such a small donation that has the opportunity to provide large dollar donations to your cause and for donors own personal needs? By having donors help themselves they can also help your causes.

Give & Receive Funding Program
Works for Your Cause

Operation Fund My Cause is the express route to maximize your Cause.  Ultimately creating an express route to receiving the funds needed for your cause in a sustainable strategy.  

Sustainable Donations

Our platform allows your organization to establish a small donation with large return opportunity that can allow monthly contributions to continue without further donations to be collected. If your cause needs tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars this is the fastest route to your success. 

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