Helixstorm is a leading provider of IT support. We offer a range of cloud & virtualization solutions, managed IT service plans, and professional consulting.

Are IT challenges just a giant headache for you?

Is IT not your day job yet you find that you’re doing it more often than your real job?
Do you currently have an IT guy but they’re too busy to help you when you need it?

Get home for dinner & leave the IT to us.


Our Managed IT Services & Support Include:


We provide access for your employees to contact our help desk 24/7. This allows each of your users to get technical help when they need it. 90% of the questions we receive are responded to in 30 minutes or less and 85% of the questions are answered and resolved the same day!


Our advanced monitoring system proactively manages your network while you’re snuggled up in bed dreaming or lying on the sandy beaches of Hawaii. If an issue is detected, our engineering team is alerted and will remediate the issue reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


We have a dedicated account team ready to serve you. We establish recurring meetings to maintain a clear line of communication and expectations, along with periodic business reviews to ensure we are providing the biggest value to your organization. Since we know change is the only thing constant, recurring meetings is a very important component to customer happiness. 


Along with your dedicated technical account manager, we include a business technical leader. Consider this your CIO. We will align technology solutions with your business needs and strategies. 

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