Say hello to Koop Wynkoop! He was on Hell's Kitchen season 16, hails from Carey, Ohio and his signature dish is surf 'n turf. 

Koop survived several eliminations before finally being eliminated in episode #9 titled Spoon Fed. Koop stayed in the competition even after accidentally slicing his finger in episode #7.

Since returning home from Hell's Kitchen, Koop has embraced his local roots and is doing his best to educate people on where our food comes from and why it is so important to know that your food comes from the farm and not the grocery store.

Koop's mother is a cancer survivor who is celebrating 5 years in remission in 2017 and hopes to be a part of any great organization that is leading the charge to help not only cancer patients but their families as well.

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All net proceeds benefit Michelle's Place, a Cancer Resource Center in Temecula, California.