Using our app is easy.

If you see (or hear) a !SHOUTTAG around town which interests you, simply enter it via our shoutbar, then you will see the message associated to the !SHOUTTAG. Notice, we didn't force you to log-in to read the message, you can be completely anonymous.

If you want to create a !SHOUTTAG, that's easy too, just follow these steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Log In
  3. Select a billing plan (we are currently offering !SHOUTTAGs for free, for life, to help build up our user base)
  4. Request your !SHOUTTAG. After review you will be sent an e-mail letting you know you can now edit your new !SHOUTTAG. We review every request to avoid 'cyber-squatting', and ensure that !SHOUTTAGs aren't being used improperly.
  5. Update your newly approved !SHOUTTAG with the message you want to share with the world
  6. Incorporate your !SHOUTTAG on marketing materials such as brochures, clothing, stickers, business cards, radio spots, tv ads, anything you use to advertise your message
  7. Pat yourself on the back, because you took the brave first step in a revolutionary new social media application!