I love pets. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, you name em I love em. If you are reading this message then you probably saw us out and about at the OC Pet Expo recently, and as a fellow pet lover, we welcome you to our new and exciting social media app.

With our app you can create any message you want, and include it on anything you want, all you need to do is prefix your own SHOUTTAG with a !, and people will recognize the symbol, and enter your SHOUTTAG through our application, and read your message.

The cool thing about our app, I will never know that you read my message, as your identity is protected. Even when you create an account with SHOUTTAG, we don't force you to enter your name, all we need is a valid email address, some generic attributes like birth-year and gender (for marketing analytics), and that's it. We will never sell YOUR email address to anyone. In this day an age of digital snooping, our app is on the forefront of protecting our users.

The power of a SHOUTTAG is immense, you can use a SHOUTTAG for pretty much anything you want; selling a car, selling a home, social networking, and the beauty of our app is it transcends any media type. Imagine trying to scan a QR code you see on a billboard while driving home? Tired of hearing the guy on the radio say the same phone number over and over, what if he used a SHOUTTAG instead? Easy to remember and your anonymity is protected.