Being a 2nd generation entrepreneur, Business is what I know best! My unique, Meta-Skills and Micro-Skills combined with an orthogonal mindset creates a neological result in what I bring to a project. As such, I am naturally drawn to what is new, different and sometimes challenging to encapsulate in a 20-second elevator pitch. Perhaps this is what I LOVE most about Shouttag. Ever notice that things, ideas, concepts, combos that haven't been seen before take more elaboration to describe? Shouttag has multi-layers in how it can be used by Business Organizations, Charities, Schools and Universities, and much more. With Mike and Russ Purcell at the helm (check out their !Shouttags and track them), the combination and usages of !Shouttag are limited only by our imagination! Reach out if you'd like to find out how specifically !Shouttag can help you. Email me directly @: or text me @ 951-667-5227. In the meantime, check back regularly as I'll be updating with cool, weird, awesome, exciting stuff.

Some of my fun facts are:

  • Director of Business Development
  • Business Communication Strategist
  • Master NLP Practitioner
  • Inaugural closing speaker of TEDx Temecula
  • Published Author
  • Project Management
  • Present & Past Board member of several organizations
  • Murrieta Rotarian
  • Systems & Strategies Implementor
  • Content Creator
  • LOVER of shoes
  • Red Velvet Cupcake fanatic
  • Great friend & cheerleader
  • Ultimate Optimist
  • Confidante to many
  • Queen of not taking myself too seriously
  • Natural connector of people
  • Your new best just don't know it yet! Heehee:~)