Goodbye old friend...

On Dec 16, 2015 @ 4pm we had to put our furry family member to sleep due to a severe and rapid degradation in health. Jags was ~16 years old, he was only 6 when we adopted him from some close friends. He passed in our arms wrapped in his favorite blanket.

We were lucky to spend 10 years with the sweetest kitty on the planet. The groomers loved him, and always said he was the sweetest kitty they ever worked with, as he would just lay there and let them do their job without any hassle.

Jags had a huge personality and always made coming home fun. He would always try to hide somewhere in the bedroom so we wouldn't see him before going to bed so he could sneak onto the bed. And when you did find him and went to pick him up, he would throw his weight down and give a rebellious meow.

My wife would always pick him up like a baby and hold him for a while, pushing his nose and slapping his hind quarters. He would always purr, and eventually drift off to sleep. And every time we made tuna, he was always the first "furry shark" to start circling us once the can opener started.

Jags, you were a huge part of our family and you will be greatly missed. But we do take solace in knowing that you are in a better place, playing with bigger cat toys and more nippier cat nip. God bless, and RIP "Jiggy Jags".

Now, who here enjoys a good story about a bridge?

(Family Guy reference)

New haircut

Enjoying a sunbeam


My !SHOUTTAG in action. Now if I get lost, people can get more info about my eating habits and overall disposition towards other pets and h00mans.

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