Jason Szabo

Naked and Afraid: Guyana

Say hello to Jason Szabo! Jason was on Naked and Afraid: Guyana where he was paired up with AK, a mother of three who was on a previous episode of Naked and Afraid: The Peruvian Amazon.

As with every episode of Naked and Afraid, the contestants each get to bring a single item with them. Jason chose a machete while AK opted for potassium permanganate to purify water.

During his three week outing in the jungle Jason tried several times to catch a sting ray by hand! He was finally successful when he worked with AK who spotted something moving in the water and Jason was able to trap a sting ray.

They also had to deal with torrential downpours, fortunately AK had worked on building a 2nd shelter that was further away from the river that was rapidly rising.

Jason and AK were both able to complete their three weeks in the jungle even with all the potential dangers!

Many stories come out of Reality Rally every year and this in one that really showed true commitment to raise funds for the right reason.  

Jason put out a big ask for donation to reach $1000 for Michelle’s Place and he would then cut his long beautiful hair. He did! “I hadn't cut my hair in 4 years, not even a trim, and just donated 14 1/2 inches for hitting my 1k goal for Michelle's Place. 

Pre cut!

My mother is a breast cancer survivor and I'm truly honored to have been invited and allowed to raise funds for such a great charity. Every single person I had the pleasure of meeting and all of the staff involved in making Reality Rally happen I couldn't be more proud of. 

Post cut!

All the time and effort involved is truly inspirational and I can't wait to contribute further. Thank you all for your time, generosity and amazing hearts. It's an admirable cause ran by admirable people. The least I could do is donate my lions mane to those who can truly use it and appreciate it. 

That hair was with me in the jungle in Guyana where I survived 3 weeks for the show Naked and Afraid on Discovery Channel to honor my grandfather Ted Gedicke who passed away from cancer in 1997.”

Jason then contacted Ashlee at Michelle’s Place and his mission became two-fold. He raised the $1,000 for Michelle’s Place and then sent his cut hair to them so it could go to a wig maker and be “double good”.

Donate, Help Jason Reach his Goal!

Or you can text your donation!

All net proceeds benefit Michelle's Place, a Cancer Resource Center in Temecula, California.