Many seniors require help with everyday chores to maintain their quality of life, but they wish to continue living in their own home where they are safe and comfortable. With the aid of a personal assistant... a 'precious' helper... a Keepsake Companion, they can continue living their comfortable life in the home they worked so hard to achieve.

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Keepsake Companions offers non-medical, in-home care that improves the lives of seniors (and their family members) by providing several levels of loving, experienced caregiving and companionship.

Our mission is to help you understand the benefits of in home care and having companionship. In addition, we want to assist in the process of making, what is for many, a very difficult decision. We do this by filling the role of a facilitator and counselor - providing knowledge, experience and expertise.

Just Enough Personal Assistance

Some seniors can stay at home if they just have some help is specific areas affected by their limitations or disabilities. They do not require a caregiver, per se. Instead, what they prefer is a conscientious, alert companion who builds their confidence, keeps a watchful eye, and fills in where and when needed.

Our Domestic Companion program provides an experienced, personal assistant who knows when to allow a senior to do for themselves and when to offer assistance. Common responsibilities include:

  • Helping Around The House & With Chores
  • Running Errands
  • Shopping With (Or For) A Senior
  • Driving To Appointments & Social Commitments
  • Assisting With (Or Preparing) Delicious Meals
  • Keeping Company During A Hospital/Facility Stay
  • And We Do The Laundry Too!!!

Seniors Should Enjoy Mealtimes

Mealtimes are important events in the typical day of any person, including seniors. Just thinking of the taste and aroma of your favorite foods can make your mouth water.

Our Culinary Companions® are trained to prepare tasty meals for seniors, as well as make the process a positive experience. In addition to addressing the need to satisfy one's hunger and supplying the nutrition necessary to support good health, our Companions design mealtimes to:

  • Provide a feeling of familiarity - "comfort food".
  • Fill a home with pleasant aromas that stimulate appetite. In addition, the offer textures our clients prefer and enjoy.
  • Encourage good feelings, provide social interaction, and hopefully even bring back fond memories.

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Other Services

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