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So who is Dave Daley the Monster Motivator? That was the question I asked when several people contacted me through social media telling me I had to check this guy out. What I discovered is first and foremost Dave Daley is a serial entrepreneur.

A near fatal motorcycle accident proved to be the catalyst he needed to delve into personal development and his own immense potential. He's grown and sold businesses in different industries and continues to own and grow his most recent one. That would be enough of a story but there is so much more to him.

He's also a dynamic motivational speaker who is very transparent about his background, his high school dropout status and the fact he was told not to expect much from himself as an adult. Dave is known as a straight-talking authority on leadership, personal development and helping people conquer their fears so they can move forward in their lives.

Dave is one of the most passionate hosts of any type of show I've ever seen and not only puts guests of Monster Motivator TV at ease but really gets them to open up and become almost as transparent as he himself is. Many people who have been guests on his show have said they have been somehow changed simply by being around him. His enthusiasm for business and really for life itself is positively contagious.The fact that he truly cares about each and every person he comes into contact with comes through loud and clear.

For someone who was once told not to expect much at all from himself as an adult Dave has truly experienced success in its truest form...he has helped countless people conquer their fears, achieve their dreams and pay it forward by helping others themselves. Whether you are an entrepreneur or simply a parent, this book will help you get more out of life by breaking through your own fear barriers.

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Pub Date: Aug. 22, 2016
ISBN: 0692772685
EAN13: 9780692772683
Page Count: 166

Book Signing!

Thursday, October 13th @ 6:30pm
Location: Murrieta Innovation Center

Join Dave Daley the Monster Motivator and author of the acclaimed personal development book, Knock out Fear in the First Round. He will be in person at the Murrieta Innovation Center signing copies, mingling with fans, and flexing the guns. Come join us, it's going to be a blast! There will be complimentary drinks and food.


Wow! That's all I can say as Dave had me in the intro and the first Chapter entitled "Truth be Told I Shouldn't Be Here". Excellent book to help people eliminate their fears as they hold us back in everything we do! Most of them are irrational and this book will teach you how to defeat them! From being picked on in school for "being different" to not understanding where he fit in Dave made himself fit into his own niche! Don't let your fear hold you back any longer, Knock them out with Dave and his new book! --johnnystorm1

This book is a must read!! Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone! "When we move backwards long enough, we disappear." He couldn't have said it better! If you're looking to beat your fears then you need to read this book. --Evelyn Stepenson

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