Lady bosses are taking over. The definition of a lady boss is an independent woman with style and class. A woman with a goal-oriented, ambitious attitude, ready to rule this generation through the YPR (Young People Revolution).

We are lady bosses and international business developers changing the world every day. Do you wish to travel with friends? Are you tired of your job? Are you seeking a way to receive a second income? Are you ready to take control of your life? THIS IS IT. Take control this summer! We did and you can too! We need several people who are ambitious, driven, and motivated to join our team and family.

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We train and coach men and women to launch their own personal business, guiding you through the process. We are bringing in hard working, motivated, dedicated leaders who are coachable and willing to work either part time or full time. It's simple to do and can bring you the time and financial freedom we all aim for. We will help you reach your goals and dreams. This is a revolution you would be crazy not to join us on.

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We will be more than help to answer any questions that you may have on changing your life and taking control of your income.

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