LEXXXUS was a nickname given to me on a girls getaway weekend to Vegas!  While being in Sin City the girls and I took a class, the instructor provided me with this name...the rest is history!   

I'm also a huge Lexus fan. I just purchased my 3rd one. I have a 2014 IS 250F w/ red interior. It's such a fun, sporty, aggressive looking car. This is my reasoning behind my shouttag name.

Shouttags can also be used for selling your car; or for brag sheets. Your car too can have a personality.  People put stickers on their cars all the time, why not specify your mods within your !ST i.e. for a car show; if you attend car meets, you can always update your !St in where your going to be, or promote the next car meet.  This is truly social networking.

You could also look me up under my other shouttag name !PINEAPPLE.