Life After Sports

You don't have to “witness your own social funeral.” That's a quote from Keith L. Lee, based on when he had to retire after four years in the NFL. Retirement from professional sports does not have to mean social or financial decline.

Our program offers ex-athletes an opportunity that stops the cycle of what seems for many to be a theme of dismal options, current turmoil, and poor past choices.  With many athletes being left broke and broken, failed ventures, chronic pain, depression, homelessness and in many cases catastrophic endings, the financial solutions through our Give & Receive Funding Program could be the answer to revitalizing your new chapter in life. 

Sports Illustrated recently estimated that 80% of retired NFL players go broke in their first three years out of the League. The same article said that 60% of NBA players face financial problems five years after retirement. 

These statistics do not account for the other pro sports nor does it take into account the college athletes left in some form disabled, by which many also fall into these tragic categories where assistance should be provided.

Failure Does Not Need to Be an Option

Athletes do not plan to fail by nature they are competitive and winners by all accounts. Call it poor coaching or slip in judgment, they simply seem to fail to plan and live beyond their means due to one reason or another, this is only exasperated once the paychecks go away. Often, it can be difficult for most to find sustainable opportunities that allows the lifestyle to not change drastically or drop off dramatically into the abyss of bankruptcy and in some cases homeless. 

Chronic Health

College and pro athletes are often considered superior health specimens, the strongest and most elite on the planet. To most, they seem indestructible, almost inhuman like such as a Superman or Wonder Woman in comparison to the masses. However many famous athletes live with diseases and/or injury, many of these individuals see the rapid deterioration of their health once their final game ends. 

Healing, recovery, rehabilitation, rejuvenation, and living a life without disability and pain seem almost without possibility for many. While the athlete is active in their sports, they have access to the best of the best healers, doctors, facilities, technologies, nutrition, medicines and support available in the world. However once those days have gone it may seem out of reach to financially afford the care required, so their health does not continue to decline. Resulting not only in their quality of life from a health perspective, but also their well being, as many have conditions which can result in detachment, depression, homelessness and even death in many cases.  

Giving Ex-Athletes a New Look

The Give and Receive Funding Program is capable of assisting in preparation of new invigorating, healing and an attractive financial options future that you deserve. Operation Fund My Cause is a platform whose only purpose is to donate money. It does not conduct business; it offers the opportunity to economically build communities; to Businesses, Non-Profits, Houses of Worship, and People who have needs and wants not being met. 

This is a whole new level of empowerment for Ex-Athletes, and for those who donate, because this program is based on the Principle of Receiving by Giving. As donors continuously give into this platform what they continuously receive is always greater than what they gave. Now Ex-Athletes have a resource that will financially offer those solutions and the freedom to secure their own futures as they deserve, just as they have fought for winning on the field and on the court, now it is the time to get in the game and win one for team you. 

Give & Receive Program

Our Give & Receive Funding Program is a hybrid Pay-it-Forward platform. Donors are not buying, selling or trading ANYTHING, or do they have to Borrow from this program. Ex-Athletes  are leveraging money right into their own wallet.

·Easiest  way to raise funds
·Smaller Investment per Donor
·Donor Receives By Giving
·Faster Return on Donation (low risk)
·Sustainable Revenues
·Simply becomes that Safe, Fast & Easy Solution
·Unique Approach

At what Cost?

The Give & Receive Program has a very nominal donation & administrative fee of around US$70.00 (0.02 BTC); this can be a fast paced return on your donation, and zero risk to the rest of your money in this program. Time to truly retire this year, this becomes your most viable player option for anyone looking for that assist. You can now help your family, friends, former teammates, even your fans can benefit as you win so do they.

Small Donations Create a Large Impact

 A little  can CHANGE a LOT for YOU, your life, family and the community FOREVER.

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