Is it possible to love someone deeply, and yet, know so little about them?  Your parents, for example, did you know their greatest achievement in life?  Who inspired them the most?  Or, how they met?  The reason I ask is because it happened to me with the passing of my grandmother – Trinidad Alvidrez.  

As I entered the chapel during her funeral, I was handed a small card with details about her life.  On that day, I discovered her favorite color was red, and that she was born in Nebraska.  Nebraska?  I assumed she was born and raised in Riverside, California.  How much more did I not know about her?  Now, I will never know.  

Hello, my name is Ron Cichy II, and I am the founder and CEO of LifeZynth - a website that is free to our users, and combines social networking with the ability to tell your story and leave behind a legacy that says – “I was here, this is what I did with my life, and LifeZynth is my proof.”

But even more than that, think of it as your own Personal Storage space that is automatically private, your Time Capsule to capture your meaningful life moments, your Life Journal where you get to tell your story, and your Social Network – all in one place – ultimately saving you time by managing fewer social accounts, and offering greater privacy and control of your personal information.

While we may not control the how, and the when, our time will come to pass, we do have a choice to either capture and tell our story, or do NOTHING at all and let our story become forgotten in time, like tears in the rain.  In the past, there was no easy way for people to do it.  But now, a solution exists, and it’s called LifeZynth.  With LifeZynth, you get to tell your greatest story ever told – the story of your life...

LifeZynth is Power To Tell Your Story...