There is a particular satisfaction in crafting something with your own hands.

Whether you take your tools from a box in the garage, a drawer in the kitchen, a shoebox, pencil-case, or other container, you know that feeling: when you have your pencil, brush, saw, spatula, or other creative instrument in hand, and you know that you are creating something that only YOU can bring to the world.

!MADEWITHLOVE is part of the Focus Project, which blends all forms of artistic creation into a collage of people who want to share something beautiful with the world.

It's simple: get a !TAG (we recommend using your !NAME), and share something that you have Made With Love:

  1. Text = poetry/prose/text-adventure/experimental literature
  2. Audio = music, radio drama, spoken-word performance
  3. Viz = theatre, film, cinematography, photography, musical-performance, dance, &c

We can't wait to see what poems, recipes, songs, stories, paintings, performances, and photos (creative home-made costumes are a definite bonus!) you have to share with the world!