"Market36 isn't just an eCommerce site--it's a lifestyle!"

"Yeah, I know, Eric, but we're just getting products right now. How are people gonna see that?"

"Trust, my friend. Trust me. We're building it. They will come."

That conversation happened months ago. Well, okay, THAT exact exchange didn't happen (although Eric definitely quoted Field Of Dreams in the middle of an inspiring speech). But that's been a perennial topic of discussion, during the first stage of building Market36.

This morning, it finally came together.

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Granola From The Fields (who have listed 'Love' as their first ingredient), the end of our first jar of Bobbysue's Nuts (although I opted to go with a full jar for the Stage Six CollaBrek Pic above), and a small dollop of Bloom Honey's Good Food-Winning WhiteClover Honey. Note that purple "Good Food" label on the jar in the photo above--we're seeing a lot of those in the Marketspace lately.

CollaBrek, by the way, is twitter-shorthand for "Collaborative Breakfast". When you have 140 characters and three collaborators to tag, you gotta get creative.

Mixed into yogurt, those three products--ALL Market36 products--made for an extraordinary way to start my morning. We are, finally and personally, living the Market36 Lifestyle.

"And then," Eric said, as I slowly chewed my first bite of our company-crafted breakfast, "you take your RooSport, and go to the gym. And your keys are on the KeySmart, which fits right into the littlest pouch on the RooSport!"

"Well, if this was happening four hours ago, yeah. If I wasn't having breakfast at nearly eleven, after going to sleep at three this morning."

"Why were you up till three?"

"New story. Too early to explain, don't worry about it. 'Big Things in the works!', as you like to say."

Eric shrugged and went back into his room, to plot Big Things that I will find out about in due time. We keep irregular hours here in the Marketspace, but we are always working on new ways to make our company that little bit better, or finding a cool new company to

"Right, Eric--sorry, I was gonna say earlier: I've got some chocolates coming express from California. Should be here Wednesday or Thursday."

"Oh, cool. And I checked with the film-team. The actors dropped out, so they're just gonna film the promo-video more creatively, and focus just on the products."

"Sweet, I'll link that into the blog once they have it done."

The Market36 Lifestyle is a daily juggling act, with eggs flying everywhichway between various baskets, and metaphors mixing freely with the granola we have to start the day. Creating an eCommerce startup, whileplanning our summer roadtrip/documentary (driving cross-country to visit collaborator-companies, and creating a documentary about the experience as we go), while taking calls from folks working on a plethora of startup-ventures, while writing scripts for our upcoming promo-videos, whileinterviewing potential crewmembers for the summer roadtrip, while...well, the list goes on.

(I'm not being glib, there are at least three other large projects going on right now that I could list, but I'm trying to summarize this as briefly as I possibly can.)

Outside, it's drizzling gray wet snow.

But inside MarketspaceHQ, spring has sprung.

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