Book 2 in the riveting Jaxxa Rakala Saga (check out book 1) takes you on an emotional ride of self-discovery, as all of your favorite characters look deep within themselves to discover who they truly are while continuing their quest to find answers about Stacey's abduction.

In an effort to learn more about her past, Ken and his team of pirate rogues head to Stacey’s home planet of Trynoruus, only to find an uninhabitable wasteland of raging electrical storms. That doesn’t stop Ken and his daughters from exploring the ruins of her home and finding several journals detailing Stacey’s past — tales of a life Ken isn’t quite sure he’s ready to hear.

But after an attack abruptly ends the expedition, separating Jacquline from her family and shutting Kahil’s systems down, the team retreats to Kahli’s home planet of Rega-One for help. Once there, secrets are stripped away to reveal the truth behind the legends and lies of the past, forcing everyone to look deep within their own hearts for who they are and who they want to become.

Memoirs of Keladrayia is available in both trade paperback (for all of you out there who still like the feel and smell of a good book) and all ebook formats (for all of you who want to fit as many novels as possible into your backpack). That includes Kindle, Nook, and iBooks, as well as anywhere tangible and digital books are sold.

Head over to the book's official page to learn more about the book and read the first two chapters. You may also download a larger sample here.