Bud Ravenscroft is a legend in the health and fitness industry, he's been in competition form since 1980 and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. 

Bud began his journey as a Powerlifter where his dedication and physical abilities earned him a place in the International Powerlifting Hall of Fame! Over the years Bud has developed training programs based on muscle fatigue from heavy movements typically associated with powerlifting, which also included focusing on smaller, supporting muscles. These training programs have transformed hundreds of normal physiques into incredibly strong and aesthetic works of living art.

Most recently Bud earned First place from the National Physique Commity Masters National Championship in 2018 at the young age of 71!

Hire Bud!

Bud trains his clients at Metroflex Gym of Murrieta, an epic 12,000 sq. ft. training facility in Murrieta, California. He has created training programs designed to help you reach your fitness goals as quickly and safely as possible.

Click above to contact Bud today and hire one of the most sought after personal trainers in Southern California.  Whether you are young novice or elder client, Bud has a system that will work for you.

Through the usage of resistance band training for low mobility clients, Bud has taught that age is just a number and limitations only exist in your mind.  On some days you may not want to give one hundred percent of yourself, but Bud will find a way to get it out of you!


Eager to help all of his clients whether training for contest, or just beginning he helps them push past their mentally perceived limitations. Bud uses his extensive, unique, and proven knowledge in muscular development, to push his clients and himself daily. This, coupled with his knowledge and understanding of nutrition for maximum optimization of the muscles. His development of “The UnDiet” with UCLA is where he gained this wisdom of nutrition. 

Bud enjoys teaching and sharing his basic fundamental applications of movement to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously.